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Adding Business Information

Last Updated: Jan 12, 2018 11:36AM EST

The Business Info section allows you to add a Contact Info Element and a Contact Form to your website. The Contact Info Element provides expanded functionality for Contact Us information that allows to include the typical address, email and phone number, but also expands into linking to the social media profiles.
Within the desktop view, details of three contact areas are displayed as both an Icon and as text. 

When a visitor views the page on a mobile device or when more than 3 contact areas are in use, only the icons are displayed. s

All contact areas are clickable and link to their expected action, for example clicking/tapping on the phone icon from a mobile device will dial the number; clicking/tapping on the address pin will open up Google Maps and display the location etc. 

To add Contact Info:

  1. Click Elements and expand Business Info.
  2. Drag-and-drop the Contact Info element into your website.
  3. Set any of the following options:
    • Quick Connections to Phone, Email, Address, Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter, Google+, Pinterest.
    • Pre-loaded contact details for Phone, Email, Address.
    • Click and Drag Re-Ordering of icons displaying on page from within the Right Panel by click and hold over the hamburger icon.
    • Color Scheme selector of Icons – Light / Dark.
    • Alignment of Element on Page – Left, Center, Right.

To add a Social Network icon to your Contact Info:

  1. In the Contact Info dialog, select the checkbox for each option that you want to display and enter the username information.
    Please use the following parameters to connect to the Social Networks:
       • username

       • username
       • username
       • 16874238974293842
       • username
  2. Click outside of the dialog to save your changes.

To disable an icon:

  1. Clear the checkbox in front of each option in the Contact Info dialog.
  2. Click outside the dialog to save your changes.

To add a Contact Form:

  1. Click Elements and then expand Business Info.
  2. Drag-and-drop the Contact Form element into your website.
  3. Click the field for Your Name and enter the details in the Text Box Properties dialog.
  4. Click the field for Your Email and enter the details in the Text Box Properties dialog.
  5. Click the field for Feedback and enter the details in the Text Box Properties dialog.
    Alternatively, you can leave the default text "Please tell us your feedback".
  6. Set the form options, such as alignment, test style and size.
  7. Click outside of the dialog to save your changes.
    For more information about Forms, please see Working with Forms


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