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Managing Scheduled Appointments

Last Updated: Jan 12, 2018 11:26AM EST

Once you have configured the Appointment Scheduler, you can use the Appointment Manager to view all upcoming appointments, change their status or add new appointments. Appointments can be displayed in calendar format, by list details or by staff member. You can Edit the details for pending appointments by clicking that appointment in your Calendar.

To Open the Appointment Manager:

  1. Click the Appointment Scheduler application.
  2. Click Manage Scheduled Appointments.

Viewing Appointments

The Appointment Manager allows you to display your appointments in Calendar view, by list or by employee. To provide a quick reference for your appointments, each appointment includes a color-coded bar. The bar color is based on its status.

You can display your appointments by calendar, list or staff-member.

Today: Provides a split calendar view of today's appointments.
List: Displays all appointments for all employees for that day.
This view provides quick-edit options, such as Accept RequestDecline Request or Edit Appointment.

Staff: Provides a split calendar view of today's appointments.
Weekly: Displays a calendar view of appointments.
You can select which Staff to view from the Select Member drop-down.

Appointment Status

Applying an appointment status allows you to quickly see what is in your queue. The Appointment Manager provides a filtered view based on status type, which allows you to see what's coming up, what's been requested or what's been complete or rejected.


The following status can be applied to your appointments and you can filter your view based on any or all of these status.

Completed: (Blue) Use this status once you have completed your appointment. 

Scheduled: (Orange) Use this status to confirm Requested appointments. When the status is changed to Scheduled, an email is sent to your client notifying them of the confirmation.

Requested: (Green) This status is given to appointments that have been created by clients or if you are booking appointments for other staff members. An email is sent to your client notifying them of the requested date and time.

Rejected: (Red) If you must deny a request for some reason, the Reject option will send the client a message informing them that the appointment will not be possible for the requested time.

Adding a New Appointment 

In some cases your clients may schedule an appointment over the phone, or by email for example. You can add these appointments to your calendar through the Appointment Manager.

  1. Open your Appointment Scheduler.
  2. Click Manage Scheduled Appointments.
  3. In the Appointment Manager, click New Appointment.
  4. Complete the following Appointment Details:
  • Status: If you can confirm this appointment, select Scheduled. Otherwise, select Requested.
  • Select the Service type.
  • Select the Staff Member.
  • Enter the Date and Time.
  1. Complete the following Client Details:
  • Client Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Notes
  1. Click Add.


Editing an Existing Appointment

You can edit your appointments when you need to change details or to update it's status.
  1. Open your Appointment Scheduler.
  2. Click Manage Scheduled Appointments.
  3. Click on the appointment that you want to edit.
    If you are viewing in list mode, hover over the appointment date and click the Edit icon.
  4. Apply changes and click Update.


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