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Configuring Appointment Scheduler - Unlimited Staff

Last Updated: Jan 12, 2018 11:25AM EST

The Appointment Scheduler application allows your customers to conveniently book appointments 24/7 directly from your website. They will be able to select the service they would like and based on  an available day and time. Your Appointment Scheduler can also be customized to support multiple employee-schedules. If your customer selects a specific employee, the calendar will only display openings for that staff member. Once they submit their contact information, the appointment is considered booked.

Add Appointment Scheduler to your Site

  1. Select the page that will display the Appointment Scheduler.
  2. From the left-hand menu, click My Add-Ons.
  3. Click, hold and drag the Appointment Scheduler to your site page.

Once you have added the Appointment Scheduler to your site, you can set its appearance, behavior and notification preferences.

Set the Booking Button Appearance

  1. To modify the Button Type, select one of the several pre-defined button types, or upload a custom image.
  2. To add a Caption, enter the button's Text. (Only available for pre-defined buttons)
  3. To add an image to your booking button, select an Icon. (Only available for pre-defined buttons)
    Previews for the selected icon are displayed in the button preview.
  4. Click Next.

Set your Business Hours

  1. Select the Open business days.
  2. Enter the "Open for Business" time for each selected day.
  3. Enter the "Closed for Business" time for each selected day.
  4. To display your business hours within the Booking button, select Show Hours Table.
  5. Click Next.

Specify your Notification Settings

  1. To confirm the requested booking for your customer, select Requires Confirmation
    Your customer will be directed to check their email for booking confirmation.
  2. To be notified by email when a booking is requested, select Notify by Email and enter your email address.
    Note: To enter multiple email addresses, please use the comma (,) to separate email addresses.
  3. Enter the time zone for your business.
  4. To add a text field for your customers to enter information about the request, select Additional Info Field and enter a title for the field. 
  5. To specify a lead time or allow for customer cancellations, complete the following:
    • Specify the amount of lead time required, in hours, and set the availability display, in days.
    • Set the minimum cancellation notification requirements, in hours.
  6. Click Next.
If your business offers multiple services, you can specify their details. When your customer is booking an appointment, this information will provide the service description and the typical length of time required to complete the service.​

Display Available Services

  1. For each service your business provides, complete the following:
    • Name: The "Name" of the service.
    • Description: Description of the offered service.
    • Duration: Length of time reserved for the appointment.
    • Price.
    • Active: Enable / Disable existing services.
  2. Click Next.
If you would like to allow customers to book with specific staff members, you can set up their information in the Staff section.

Add Staff Selection Options

  1. For each employee profile, complete the following:
    • Name: The "Name" of the employee.
    • Description: Description of the offered service.
    • Available: Use the default business hours or set custom hours for this employee.
    • Services: Select the type of services available for this employee.
    • Notify by Email: Choose to receive email notification when an appointment is scheduled for this employee.
    • Vacation: Enter a vacation schedule for this employee. Appointments will not be accepted during this time.
    • Active: Enable / Disable this profile.
  2. Click Done.


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