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Adding Analytics to your Store

Last Updated: Jan 12, 2018 11:08AM EST

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website's traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales. You can connect your Google Analytics to your store and thus receive statistics on your store activity as well.

  1. How to set up Google Analytics
  2. FAQ
    1. Why is it necessary to set up GA even if I already have a GA code on my site?
    2. How do pages look in GA backend?

How to set up Google Analytics

The first results in Google Analytics reports will appear in about 24 hours after you entered your ID:


Why is it necessary to set up GA ieven if I already have a GA code on my site?

All product pages are dynamic and generated on the fly. A page isn't refreshed, your store just updates the HTML code on the page. It allows loading new pages really fast.

The traditional way to track pages is to add some JS code to the page code which is executed each time you load a page and tracks your hit. If you try to use this traditional way, you will see that your browser will load your page just ONCE and all the other clicks in your store won't cause page reloading, and the result doesn't generate a hit. So your customer will open your store and see 100 products, but the stats will show only 1 view.

In order to overcome this limitation, we use Google Analytics API to emulate page loads. When you open a dynamic product page, the store sends a special JS request to Google Analytics saying that a new product page was opened. This way allows getting the exact number of views of your AJAX pages. That is why it's necessary to set up GA in your back-end to get the exact stats.

How do pages look in GA backend?

Since the store emulates page loading, the "virtual" pages appear in your Google Analytics back-end. What it means:  the pages and links you see in the GA back-end don't point to actual pages. However each "virtual" page corresponds some real page in your store.

Here is the list of virtual pages generated by your store:

  • "/product/" + productId;   (productId is a unique ID of a opened product)
  • "/category/" + categoryId (categoryId is a unique ID of a opened category)
  • "/search/" + keywords
  • "/bag"
  • "/checkout/shippingDetails"
  • "/checkout/addressBook"
  • "/checkout/paymentDetails"
  • "/checkout/placeOrder"
  • "/checkout/orderPlaced"
  • "/checkout/orderFailure"
  • "/account/addressBook"
  • "/account/settings"
  • "/account/orders"
  • "/downloadError/"

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