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Structuring Content with Section Groups

Last Updated: Jun 28, 2018 04:04AM EDT

Sections are a great way to add structure and organization to your pages. Use Columns or Rows to create several separate content areas that will be displayed simultaneously.

Tabs, Collapsible Rows and Accordions will accommodate a large quantity of content in limited space, or use them to conceal information that belongs on the page, but doesn't need to be compared or viewed simultaneously with other content.

You can Add Section Groups anywhere inside the main content area of your site. If you have split your page into several columns using the Text Columns option - you may also add sections in each of the page columns.


Section Groups

To Add a Section Group: 

  1. Select Elements from the Left Menu
  2. Click on Layouts and select the desired Section Group.
  3. Drag and drop the element to the Blue rectangles who will appear to indicate the locations where a Section Group can be added.




Columns are used for creating open, horizontally oriented content areas. Use these as intro sections including highlights from other pages in the site, for filling up space when your page content is scarce, or to make sections stand out more on the page.


Tabs allow you to fit a lot of content in limited real estate. With tabbed section groups only one section (tab) may be open at a time. By default the first section (tab) will open upon the loading of the page


Rows are open content sections stacked on top of each other in a vertical orientation.

Collapsible Rows can collapse or expand with a nice animation effect. Specify which individual sections will be collapsed or expanded by default.

Accordion will display one section at a time. When one section is opened, all others will automatically collapse with a nice animation effect. By default the first section is opened on load of the page.

Vertical Tabs can be opened one at a time. By default the first section (tab) will open upon the loading of the page.



With the Section Group in place, you will see a predefined section in place. You can start editing the Section according to your needs by updating the Section Caption. Move your mouse pointer over the caption and click on it to enter inline editing. You can also edit the caption from the right panel. 

To add more sections to your Section Group: roll over it and click on the icon displayed on the right.

To edit your section group or a single section:

  1.  Roll over the section group / section in Admin mode
  2. Click on it - you will see the available options in the right panel.
If you wish to delete a section group / section, roll over it and click on the  icon to delete the element.

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